Laser hair removal is a popular way to get rid of unwanted hair on your face, legs, bikini, and other areas of your body. It uses highly concentrated light energy to destroy hair follicles without causing any harm to the surrounding skin. 

While your hair type and thickness will determine the number of treatments you’ll need, most patients can benefit from anywhere between six and eight. After each laser hair removal session, you can expect a 15% to 30% reduction in hair. 

One of the greatest advantages of laser hair removal is that it does not cause any pain, especially when compared to hair removal methods like waxing or tweezing. The “rubber band snap” feeling you may notice will be very tolerable and short-lived. If you’re intrigued by this treatment and wondering if you’re a good candidate, read on.

Good Candidates for Laser Hair Removal

If you don’t have the time or desire to get rid of unwanted hair on your face and body, laser hair removal may be a great option. It can be an effective alternative to shaving, waxing, plucking, bleaching, or other DIY hair removal methods you may have tried in the past. 

With laser hair removal, you can achieve smooth, silky, hairless skin with minimal time and effort.

We do not recommend laser hair removal, however, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. You should also refrain from this treatment if your hair is very light or your hair growth occurs as a result of high testosterone levels. In the event high testosterone levels are the cause, we suggest you work with your doctor to get them under control before you move forward with this treatment.

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Laser Hair Removal is Effective But Not Permanent

It’s important to understand that while laser hair removal is a safe, effective way to remove unwanted hair, its results are not permanent. Therefore, you can’t expect this treatment to completely stop your hair from growing back. What you can expect is hair that takes longer to grow back and appear thinner, finer, and fewer in number,

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