Cellulite is a cosmetic condition that can make your skin appear lumpy and dimpled. It’s often found on the thighs, abdomen, hips, and other body parts. In most cases, cellulite is caused by fat buildup underneath the skin which may stem from hormones, pregnancy, genetics, and/or weight gain. Cellulite is more common in women than men. 

If you’re bothered by cellulite and longing for a solution, Venus Freeze Legacy may be a great option. It’s completely non-invasive and effective so you don’t have to worry about anesthesia, needles, and extensive downtime. 

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What is Venus Freeze Legacy?

Venus Freeze Legacy is a revolutionary skin tightening and cellulite reduction treatment. It stimulates collagen production through radio frequency and  multi-pulsed magnetic fields. You can expect the collagen to treat your cellulite and add elasticity to your skin. 

This treatment can be completed in about 30 minutes and is absolutely painless. Best of all, there’s no downtime so you can return to work and your daily responsibilities immediately. We typically suggest 6 to 10 treatments for optimal results. 

After the treatment, you can enjoy tighter, firmer skin on your face, neck, and body. You’ll notice less cellulite and a more attractive body contour that allows you to feel more confident in and out of clothing. 

Benefits of Venus Freeze Legacy

There are a number of benefits to Venus Freeze Legacy.  It’s a great way to resolve cellulite on various parts of your body without surgery. It’s also different from other laser treatments in that it’s gentle, FDA approved, and comes with virtually no downtime. In addition, results are longer lasting and more effective than they are with cellulite creams you may find over-the-counter.

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Good Candidates for Venus Freeze Legacy

If you’re displeased with your cellulite, Venus Freeze Legacy is certainly worth considering.  It’s ideal if creams and other products for cellulite have led to disappointing results. You may also be a great candidate for Venus Freeze Legacy if you’d like to restore your confidence after pregnancy or weight loss.

I thought everything from my welcome, to the facility presentation, to the incredibly detailed and professional appointment with Sarah were fantastic. I trust and am excited to be working with Renew MD.


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If you’d like to learn more about Venus Freeze or are wondering if you’re a good candidate for this treatment, we encourage you to schedule a private consultation with your personal assessment at Renew MD in Reno, Nevada today. Call us at (775) 852-4500 or fill out our convenient online contact form. We look forward to meeting you!