Visible veins can leave you lacking confidence in your appearance. Laser vein removal can help clear skin for a more confident you. 

How Does Laser Vein Removal Work?

We use the Genesis xeo® Laser to treat visible veins such as spider veins and broken capillaries. The laser uses short pulses of heat that are beamed onto the vessels, constricting them instantly. Over time, your body will reabsorb the constricted vessels, which will help lessen the appearance of problem veins on the skin’s surface.

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What Benefits Does Laser Vein Removal Have? 

Laser vein removal treatment can eliminate conspicuous veins that make you self-conscious about wearing shorts, dresses, or skirts. It can also treat any burning or aching sensations associated with your veins. You may also see improved mobility from the removal of these veins and more quality sleep. 

How Long Is Each Laser Vein Removal Treatment? 

Many patients can need 1 to 3 laser vein removal treatments to enjoy the optimal results. How many treatments are required depends on the size, depth, and the number of vessels undergoing treatment. Each treatment takes around 20-30 minutes to perform, making it a perfect “lunch break” procedure. 

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Is Laser Vein Removal Painful? 

Laser vein removal does not require any numbing. You can expect to feel a warm sensation on the skin’s surface during treatment. Commonly, you may experience some redness after the procedure. Redness typically resolves a few hours after treatment. 

While there is no downtime with laser vein removal treatment, you may see some swelling or bruising at the treatment site for up to a week afterward. After each treatment, we recommend that you apply sunscreen to the treated skin to prevent dark spots from developing on the skin. 

Good Candidates For Laser Vein Removal 

You may be a good candidate for laser vein removal if you want a non-invasive, quick treatment to treat the veins you are self-conscious about. Laser vein removal can benefit those who have a busy lifestyle and want to have clearer skin. 

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