One of the most common feminine concerns among women is a loss of vaginal tightness. Vaginal laxity, to give the issue its official term, can result in problems such as loss of sexual pleasure and sensation and urinary incontinence.

The sad truth is many women wrongly assume that vaginal laxity is a problem that they should just accept as part of the aging process. However, vaginal laxity isn’t always necessarily an age-related feminine concern.

For example, a loss of vaginal tightness can occur due to pregnancy, estrogen deficiencies, and even genetics can play a role in the problem. The good news is vaginal rejuvenation can correct vaginal laxity.

Vaginal rejuvenation is a cosmetic treatment offered by Renew MD at our cosmetic spa in Reno, NV. If you’re new to the concept of vaginal rejuvenation, the following will explain more about it in detail.

Reno Vaginal Rejuvenation

What Does Vaginal Rejuvenation Address?

At Renew MD, we use the excellent Viveve® vaginal rejuvenation system to correct the many problems caused by vaginal laxity.

Viveve® can treat sexual discomfort, displeasure, and lack of sensitivity caused by vaginal laxity. It can also address vaginal dryness, a symptom that often results in dyspareunia (pain during sexual intercourse).

Another issue that the Viveve® vaginal rejuvenation system can resolve is urinary incontinence – a problem that affects many women, irrespective of their age or body type.

How Viveve® Treatments Work

Viveve® is an innovative cosmetic solution for treating vaginal laxity. It heats the skin tissue in the vaginal walls, creating ‘micro-injuries’ that stimulate the body to produce collagen and create a more youthful-feeling vagina.

The heating process involves monopolar radiofrequency technology that volumetrically targets treatment areas at exact temperatures. Simultaneously, those areas get cooled with cryogen technology for minimal discomfort.

Viveve® only takes 30 to 60 minutes to complete, and optimal results are visible around 90 days post-procedure.

Vaginal Rejuvenation Consultations Available

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Benefits Of Viveve® For Vaginal Rejuvenation

There are many benefits to the Viveve® vaginal rejuvenation treatment compared with the alternatives. For example, there is no surgery or anesthesia involved as the system only uses radiofrequency (RF) technology.

Potential clients of the Viveve® system will also be happy to note there’s no downtime associated with the treatment. Patients can technically resume their daily activities after the treatment.

Lastly, patients only need a single Viveve® treatment session to achieve a tighter, refreshed vagina.

Am I A Candidate For Viveve®?

You might be an ideal candidate for Viveve® if you experience decreased confidence, pain, discomfort, or lack of sensitivity during sexual intercourse.

Viveve® is also the perfect solution for women that experience urinary leaks during physical activities like exercising, workouts, and laughing and sneezing.

You could also be a candidate for Viveve® if bearing one or more children resulted in vaginal laxity and you want to restore your vaginal canal to a pre-pregnancy state.

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