Skin imperfections such as fine lines, hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, and age spots are common and can be challenging to treat. If you are searching for a treatment that can help you achieve softer skin and an improved complexion, chemical peels may be the solution you need!   

What is a Chemical Peel?

A chemical peel involves applying a chemical solution to the skin to remove its superficial layers to reveal the much more youthful skin underneath it. Several types of chemical peels are available, so the treatment process and recovery time vary. A common use of chemical peels is treating acne, uneven skin tone, and age spots. 

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How Long Do Chemical Peels Take?

The average length of a chemical peel treatment is around 60 minutes. One of our expert providers will thoroughly cleanse your skin before applying the chemical solution. The purpose of cleansing the skin before the chemical peel is to ensure that the treatment area is free of oils.

There is little to no downtime related to chemical peels. However, many patients prefer to take some time off work or schedule their appointment at the end of their work week to allow their skin some time to heal. After a chemical peel, you may experience some redness, swelling, or sensitivity as well as skin peeling. The length of these symptoms will vary depending on the type of chemical received, with deeper chemical peels typically associated with a more extended recovery period. 

What are the Benefits of a Chemical Peel?

The type of chemical peel you receive will usually determine how drastic your results will be. Light chemical peels provide subtle improvements to the skin over time, while medium and deep chemical peels can provide better results for moderate to more severe skin imperfections. You may require more than one chemical peel to see your desired results. 

The overall benefits of chemical peels can include:

  • Improved acne
  • Softer skin and complexion
  • Reduced fine lines 
  • Improved skin texture and tone

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How Long Will Results From a Chemical Peel Last?

It can take two to four weeks to see results from a chemical peel. Results from a chemical peel can last for months, but this will vary depending on the depth of the treatment you received and your at home skin care regimen. You can help prolong the results of your chemical peel treatment by:

  • Avoiding tanning and sun exposure while your skin heals
  • Practicing good sun protection habits such as wearing sunscreen
  • Applying moisturizer as directed
  • Following a good skincare regime after the skin is adequately healed

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