Many people work hard to maintain a healthy body weight by dieting, eating the right foods, and doing plenty of regular exercises and workouts. Despite that fact, some of those individuals find it almost impossible to get rid of stubborn fat in some areas.

Are you looking for a body contouring treatment that doesn’t require surgery? If so, CoolSculpting® is one of the best cosmetic options available. CoolSculpting® is a treatment available from Renew MD in Reno, NV.

If you’re new to CoolSculpting®, you might be wondering how much this innovative body contouring treatment costs. The following discusses what the average price for CoolSculpting® is, along with the factors that influence the cost.

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Average Cost For CoolSculpting®

What’s great about CoolSculpting® is that it’s a body contouring treatment that can tackle stubborn fat pockets around the stomach, waistline, thighs, upper arms, and chin areas.

Unfortunately, such a selling point can also make it challenging to determine how much the treatment costs, given that CoolSculpting® treatments are unique to each person.

According to the CoolSculpting® website, a typical personalized treatment plan can cost approximately $2,000 to $4,000. However, it’s worth noting that several factors will ultimately affect how much you are likely to pay for your CoolSculpting® plan.

Factors That Influence Final Cost

Firstly, the CoolSculpting® provider you use and even their location can influence what you’re likely to pay for your personalized treatment plan. Secondly, the price can increase if you incorporate other cosmetic treatments.

For example, you may wish to benefit from a Venus Freeze™ Legacy skin tightening and cellulite reduction treatment. Or, you might want to treat yourself to laser hair removal during the same visit to your chosen cosmetic spa.

Lastly, you should consider that more treatment areas incorporated into your personalized CoolSculpting® treatment plan can increase the total price you pay.

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Benefits Of CoolSculpting®

Perhaps the most significant advantage of having a CoolSculpting® treatment is you don’t need to worry about surgery. That means there are no incisions, no anesthesia, and no risky surgical side effects.

CoolSculpting® is incredibly safe and is even FDA-approved. It uses clinically proven and tested fat-freezing technology to eradicate up to 25% of targeted fat cells.

Another benefit of CoolSculpting® is how each treatment session takes just around 45 minutes to complete. It’s a cosmetic treatment you could technically have on your lunch break from work. Finally, CoolSculpting® doesn’t require any downtime; you can continue with the rest of your day as planned after your treatment sessions.

Am I A Candidate For CoolSculpting®?

You might be an excellent candidate for CoolSculpting® if you lead a healthy lifestyle, have reached your target weight, and exercise regularly but cannot eradicate any stubborn pockets of body fat.

CoolSculpting® isn’t suitable for pregnant or nursing women.

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