Skin resurfacing refers to many different treatments that aid in restoring your complexion. While various techniques and procedures differ in how they’re carried out, they serve the same purpose. Skin resurfacing looks to remove the outer layer of your skin, getting rid of impurities and imperfections to reveal a fresh layer beneath. It has many benefits and can be used to treat numerous complexion issues.

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Average Cost for Skin Resurfacing Treatments

According to data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of laser skin resurfacing was around $1,963 in 2019. However, this wasn’t inclusive of all the costs of the procedure, only the treatment itself. 

Factors that Influence Final Cost

To get the final cost of skin resurfacing treatments, you need to take into account all the additional factors. This includes the cost of using the facilities, the cost of any medication needed, and the cost of topical anesthesia. The location of the cosmetic surgery is also a defining factor – some areas of the country have higher prices than others. 

Naturally, one of the biggest pricing factors will be the type of laser skin resurfacing treatment elected as well. There are many technologies for laser skin resurfacing.  And the experience and licensing of the person performing the treatments. It’s important to have a qualified, educated person performing treatments on your skin.

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Types of Skin Resurfacing Treatments

At Renew MD, we currently have four different laser skin resurfacing treatments for patients:

Opus Plasma

The Opus Plasma treatment uses an aggressive ablative CO2  laser to resurface the skin. Downtime is minimal, and you will see impressive results. It’s one of the most effective and only Fractional Plasma device, Lleaving you with brighter, tighter and younger-looking skin. 

Venus Viva

NanoFractional Radio Frequency (RF) is used in the Venus Viva machine to deliver non-invasive skin resurfacing. It can decrease visible pores for a more even skin texture, make you look younger, and fade away scars and other cosmetic concerns. Treatments take about 45 minutes, and it tends to be good for people with sagging skin. 

Laser Genesis

Renew MD also uses Laser Genesis to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, scars, and skin texture. It’s a 30-minute treatment with no downtime, making it ideal if you need some laser skin resurfacing during your lunch break. Short pulses of light energy are used to stimulate collagen production, leading to healthier skin after multiple treatments. Laser Genesis has no downtime. 


At our office, we use the Bella-Derm II Microdermabrasion system to deliver exceptional anti-aging results. It offers deep facial exfoliation, really getting rid of impurities on the skin. We often combine this with a Red LED Light treatment to further encourage collagen production and improve the way your skin looks and feels. 

Benefits of Skin Resurfacing 

All skin resurfacing treatments are non-invasive and don’t use any chemicals. They’re effective at improving various skin concerns from the signs of aging to acne scars. By removing the uppermost layer of your skin, so many impurities will be gone, leaving your skin in a healthier state. The use of laser energy also helps to encourage collagen production, which makes your skin firmer and younger-looking. 

Plus, you don’t need much downtime after any of these treatments, particularly when compared to the surgical alternatives. For many people, skin resurfacing is a more affordable and less painful alternative to surgical intervention for facial rejuvenation.

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