Spider veins can be frustrating for many people, especially if they arise in more conspicuous places such as the face or neck. While makeup can sometimes cover the veins, Renew MD offers laser vein removal to restore your complexion and rebuild your confidence. 

What are Spider Veins?

Spider veins are small superficial veins on the outer layer of skin. They can be red, blue, or purple in color and tend to branch out in spider-like patterns. While they can appear on most parts of the body, they are most common on the ankles, calves, and thighs; however, there are cases of spider veins on the face. 

Most people get spider veins at some point in their lives, but some end up with spider veins in conspicuous places or an abundance of them. While they are not harmful, treatment can help boost your confidence and reduce the appearance of spider veins. 

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What Causes Spider Veins?

Spider veins are caused by vein walls weakening or sustaining damage. The veins are responsible for returning blood to the heart. If the veins are weakened or damaged, the blood flow is disrupted and pools in an area. The tiny vessels then burst and create spider veins. 

How Do I Get Rid of Spider Veins?

While many at-home treatments claim to treat spider veins, dermatological treatment is the only real way to get rid of them. At Renew MD, we treat spider veins using the Genesis xeo® Laser. 

The laser’s short-pulsed beats heat and constrict the burst vessels immediately, making the veins less visible on the skin’s surface. With 1-3 sessions, the veins can close down and reabsorb into the body. The Genesis xeo® Laser can also treat rosacea and other visible veins. 

Each session takes approximately 30 minutes depending on the area and requires no downtime. You may experience some swelling and bruises for a week. Renew MD highly recommends wearing sunscreen after each treatment to prevent dark spots. 

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Is Laser Vein Removal Painful?

Treatment with the Genesis xeo® Laser is not painful. You will feel a warming sensation on the skin and experience some redness for a couple of hours after, but laser vein removal is a reasonably comfortable experience. 

How Do I Maintain the Results of Laser Vein Removal?

Laser vein removal cannot prevent spider veins from resurfacing in other areas. To prevent the resurfacing of spider veins, it is best to exercise regularly, maintain a steady weight, wear sunscreen, and avoid clothing that constricts blood flow. 

Some spider veins cannot be prevented. Treatments every one to two years may be necessary to maintain your results. Compression stockings are also a suitable method, but they can be uncomfortable. 

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