Aging, acne, and sun damage can have lasting effects on your skin and leave stubborn blemishes and lines that are difficult to get rid of with ordinary cleansers and creams. If you struggle with acne scarring, blemishes, discoloration, or fine lines and wrinkles, you may benefit from a chemical peel. 

How Do Chemical Peels Work?

At Renew MD, we provide chemical peels as a non-surgical rejuvenation treatment for various skin concerns. Chemical peels are a skin resurfacing technique that can diminish wrinkles, reduce acne scarring, and give you a smoother complexion. 

During your chemical peel appointment, one of our trained staff members will cleanse your skin to ensure it is free of any oils. After this, our staff member will apply the solution to your skin and let it sit for a few minutes so it can take effect. The result is smoother skin with reduced discoloration, fine lines, and blemishes. 

Chemical Peels Reno, NV

What are Chemical Peels Good For?

Chemical peels are an excellent method for non-surgical skin rejuvenation. Chemical peels are available in varying treatment depths, including light, medium, and deep. The depth of treatment you require will depend on what you wish to treat and your desired results. Chemical peels can treat a variety of skin issues, such as:

  • Some types of acne
  • Discoloration
  • Skin texture 
  • Wrinkles
  • Sun damage
  • Age spots

How Long Do the Results of Chemical Peels Last?

The results of a chemical peel are typically visible within two to four weeks after treatment. The longevity of your results will vary depending on the depth of the peel you receive, but results usually last for months. You may wish to have multiple chemical peel treatments depending on your desired results and depth of treatment. You can help extend the effects by applying sunscreen and moisturizer daily and taking good care of your skin.

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Is There Any Downtime After a Chemical Peel?

Recovery time from a chemical peel may vary depending on the type of treatment you receive. There is little to no downtime required for most chemical peels, but you may experience redness, swelling, and peeling in the treatment area.

It can take a week to heal from a light chemical peel and two to four weeks after a medium or deep chemical peel. After treatment, your skin will be sensitive to the sun, so it is important to avoid any sources of ultraviolet light, such as the sun and tanning beds. Make sure to follow the post-care instructions of your provider to ensure optimal recovery and results.

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