As you get older, you may notice loose skin that takes away from your beauty and youthfulness. Rest assured this is a completely natural and normal part of aging. Fortunately, you can tighten your skin and restore your confidence. 

Best of all, you don’t have to undergo a surgical procedure to do so. Venus Legacy is a revolutionary, non-invasive treatment that can give you the tight, smooth skin you’ve been longing for. Keep reading to learn more about what Venus Legacy is and how it works.

Reno Venus Legacy

How Venus Legacy Works

Venus Legacy is a skin tightening treatment that can safely and effectively produce more elastic skin and resolve any cellulite issues you may have. It combines radiofrequency with multi-pulsed magnetic fields to promote the production of collagen. The collagen is a protein that will allow your skin to contract and become more elastic. 

A typical Venus Legacy  treatment takes anywhere from 30 to to 40 minutes to complete. You’re welcome to receive it on your lunch break and return to work and your daily responsibilities immediately since there is no downtime.

While your unique skin and goals will determine how many Venus Legacy treatments you’ll require, we usually recommend 6 to 10 sessions.

Why Choose Venus Legacy

Venus Legacy is the ideal treatment if you’d like firmer, tauter skin without surgery. It can also help you diminish the appearance of cellulite. Unlike the majority of laser treatments on the market, Venus Legacy is incredibly gentle on the skin and comes with absolutely no downtime. In addition, it’s been approved by the FDA and far more effective than creams, gels, and lotions that come with false promises.

Venus Legacy Consultations Available

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Good Candidates for Venus Legacy

If you’re bothered by loose skin and wish you had a younger, more attractive contour, Venus Legacy is the ultimate solution. It can help you meet your unique aesthetic goals without needles, anesthesia, and downtime. During a consultation, our expert providers can help you determine whether you’re a good fit for this treatment.

I thought everything from my welcome, to the facility presentation, to the incredibly detailed and professional appointment with Sarah were fantastic. I trust and am excited to be working with Renew MD.


Take the Next Step

If you’d like to learn more about Venus Legacy or are wondering if you’re a good candidate for this treatment, we encourage you to schedule a private consultation with your personal assessment at Renew MD in Reno, Nevada today. Call us at (775) 852-4500 or fill out our convenient online contact form. We look forward to meeting you!