It’s no secret that the best way to achieve a slim and toned physique is through eating a healthy, balanced diet and having lots of exercise. It’s a concept that works well for many people seeking to reach their target weights.

However, some people find that they end up with annoying pockets of fat that simply won’t go away, irrespective of their diet and exercise regimes. The only proper way to resolve that problem is by looking at body contouring options.

There’s no denying that people have access to a range of cosmetic body contouring treatments these days. One of the leading options is CoolSculpting®, a non-invasive treatment offered by Renew MD at our medical spa in Reno, NV.

CoolSculpting Reno

What Is CoolSculpting®?

CoolSculpting® is a non-surgical, non-invasive body contouring treatment for addressing stubborn fat pockets in areas like the thighs, arms, stomach, and chin. It’s a safe and effective treatment option and one that delivers excellent results.

Most CoolSculpting® patients can expect a 20% to 25% reduction in fat for each treatment area after just a single treatment session. CoolSculpting® uses fat-freezing technology (cryolipolysis) to target and destroy unwanted fat.

CoolSculpting® is a body contouring treatment that is suitable for adults of all ages. It’s also an FDA-approved solution for added peace of mind.

How Many CoolSculpting® Sessions Will I Need?

Some people new to CoolSculpting® may wonder how many treatment sessions they will need to eradicate unwanted fat pockets on their bodies. The sessions required will depend on each person’s individual needs.

Each CoolSculpting® client will have different body contouring needs and goals they wish to meet. With that in mind, Renew MD creates tailored treatment plans to help all clients reach their targets.

Most clients will see some results after only a single CoolSculpting® treatment session; however, people with extensive body contouring needs may require multiple sessions to reach their desired goals.

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Benefits of CoolSculpting®

CoolSculpting® is one of the world’s leading body contouring treatments and boasts many benefits. It uses cryolipolysis to freeze unwanted fat cells; they eventually die and get absorbed by the body through its natural processes.

Each CoolSculpting® treatment session is non-invasive, and there are no surgical incisions or anesthesia involved, resulting in little to no potential treatment side effects.

There is also no downtime associated with CoolSculpting® so that you can return to your day’s activities after your treatment session with Renew MD as usual.

Lastly, all CoolSculpting® treatment sessions typically take around 45 minutes to complete. During this time, you can catch up on your emails, the news, or social media while you sit back and enjoy the benefits of CoolSculpting®.

CoolSculpting® Candidates

If you have stubborn pockets of fat on specific areas of your body, and you’ve reached or are near your target weight, you could be a good candidate for CoolSculpting®.

CoolSculpting® is not a substitute for healthy eating and exercise and should only get considered by people with realistic goals in mind.

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