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Fat Reduction Procedures & Liposuction Alternatives in Reno


Many people think that fat reduction and weight loss are the same thing, but they’re not. When we lose weight, we don’t lose our fat cells, they just become smaller. If you gain all that weight back, those fat cells just get bigger again. What CoolSculpting® does is reduce the number of fat cells in the targeted area. That’s the difference between CoolSculpting® and other weight loss surgeries. Whether or not you weigh less, you will be thinner, your clothes will fit better, and you will look and feel great.*

CoolSculpting Reno & Sparks, NV

*Individual Results May Vary

Venus Freeze™ – Skin Tightening Treatment in Reno

Turn back the clock and achieve a more youthful appearance and contoured silhouette with Venus Freeze™ Legacy*. This revolutionary FDA-approved skin tightening treatment is highly effective in circumference, wrinkle, and cellulite reduction. And the best part is, there’s absolutely no downtime. You can resume your normal activities right after the treatment.*

Venus Freeze Before and After Reno & Sparks, NV

*Individual Results May Vary

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*Individual Results May Vary

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