Monthly Specials

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Monthly Specials

Back to School Specials for Moms!


The Xenon light delivers high-intensity energy to the surface of the teeth, helping to remove years of stains and other discolorations. The specialized gel keeps the teeth safe while helping to further encourage near-instantaneous whitening. It’s a remarkable procedure that takes mere minutes to perform, meaning you can walk out of our office with teeth that look ready for the spotlight!


Geneveve is a simple yet effective treatment that uses laser energy to tighten the vaginal canal while stimulating collagen production. Geneveve is the only medical device that offers a special cooling tip that protects the skin, and while other devices require three or more treatments, Genevieve is only one treatment with no downtime.
Vaginal tightening often greatly improves sexual satisfaction and improves incontinence issues that offer many of our patients a leak-free workout. Age along with childbearing can increase the laxity and with today’s advancements for treatment, it has never been easier or safer to undergo treatments to improve these symptoms.


Chemical peels exfoliate the treated area and provide many benefits, including smoother, softer skin and complexion, a reduction of fine lines, and the softening of mild scarring. Included is a post-treatment Red LED Light therapy, which can reduce redness and swelling, and stimulate collagen production.


Laser hair removal technologies can differ, but they seek to accomplish this goal: to slow down the growth of hair follicles so that you can enjoy smooth, hair-free skin. Laser hair removal delivers laser light energy to the root of the hair follicle, which causes the hair to fall out. Over time and with plenty of treatments, the follicle eventually stops growing back or slows down to the point where you can go months without shaving.

All offers valid through 8/31/19

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