Who’s a good candidate for Venus Freeze™?

Anyone who desires to look better, but has realistic expectations of results, is a candidate for Venus Freeze™. The only exception is when there’s a contraindication and you’ve been advised otherwise.

What makes Venus Freeze™ different from other skin tightening treatments?

It’s all in the results. Venus Freeze™ is the only treatment that has shown outstanding clinical results, which patients worldwide can attest to.* Additionally, Venus Freeze™ skin tightening treatments require no downtime; you can dive back into your regular routine right after the procedure.*

What’s the procedure like?

It’s very relaxing like you’re having a soothing massage. All you need to do is lie comfortably on the treatment bed and let the technicians do their magic. In a nutshell, the procedure involves the application of the treatment gel on the targeted areas. The technician then applies steady movements across the surface of your skin.

What kind of results should I expect from Venus Freeze™?

After a Venus Freeze™ treatment, you may notice your skin is tighter and your wrinkles softer. You may also have a more contoured physique and considerably less cellulite. The treatments have a high rate of success*, but we advise that you undergo the full series: Six treatments for the face, and 8 to 10 treatments for the body for maximum results.

Do I need to maintain Venus Freeze™ results?

Patients require regular maintenance treatments to slow the aging process. The minimum number of treatments required is four times a year, but it’s best to seek the advice of and discuss with your technician or treatment provider what the best maintenance plan is for you.

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*Individual Results May Vary